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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Currently the planet is facing one of its greatest challenges. Climate change is already a reality that affects very negatively to our global economy, health and social welfare, and, what is even more disturbing, that of our future generations. Similarly, the current overpopulation has two major negative consequences: lack of energy resources and environmental degradation.

In Solaria we believe that fighting these two realities is possible, and one of the main solutions to overcome them are renewable energies, which are an effective alternative to alleviate the effects of climate change and to promote access to a cleaner energy to the entire population.

Specifically, the PV solar can be integrated in an environmental and sustainable way in our lives, representing greater developing potential than other alternative energies.

Based on this conviction, in Solaria we are acting and putting all our efforts to make solar energy more profitable. Through our strong investment in R + D + I and our effort to provide more efficient and reliable products, we contribute in a decisive way to make solar energy a sustainable alternative, more profitable, competitive and accessible. This is our way of contributing to the environment and to our society, while taking care of the investments of our shareholders and seeking to maximize their profitability.

Thanks to our more than 45MW capacity in ownership, we avoid the emission of approximately 24 tons of CO2, equivalent to the electricity supply needed for 17,000 homes.

Moreover, in Solaria we go one step further by offering equal employment opportunities for access to our company and basing our incorporations to the search for talent, professionalism and innovation, allowing us to grow together and to improve our competitiveness.


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