Founded in 2002, Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente (hereafter SOLARIA), is dedicated to renewables and more specifically to solar photovoltaic (hereafter PV) power generation.

Listed in the Madrid’s continuous market since June 2007, SOLARIA has historically covered the entire solar energy value chain from wafer production to solar parks management. In recent years, SOLARIA’s business model has evolved, focusing exclusively in the activities of the solar energy value chain offering the higher margins and return for its shareholders, leveraging the experience of the company in the solar business. It has also evolved from being an industrial group to a power generation company.

Solaria is a leading PV developer and green power generation company with more than 410MW worldwide and the target to reach 3,325GW by the end of 2023.

The visibility and recurrence of the revenues generated by SOLARIA´s plants support our commitment to carbon free solar energy generation.

SOLARIA is focused on increasing the volume of energy generated by its solar plants in the markets offering the best regulatory frameworks and return on investments, mainly in the European Union and Latin America.

SOLARIA also develops the following activities associated to its core business:

  • Solar power plant custom Operation and Maintenance services
  • Development and Management of PV projects

SOLARIA is Solar Energy in Action.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy - Encouraging Perspectives

In SOLARIA we are convinced that solar photovoltaic energy is and will be the renewable energy of the future. Specialized media confirm that solar is the renewable energy source with greater prospects of growth and investment in the medium / long term and will be the cheapest energy source in practically all countries. The future of solar photovoltaic is certainly the most promising.

As the experience curve marches on, solar photovoltaic energy production becomes more and more competitive. The strong reduction in costs (around 75% in the last 10 years) has been accompanied by a strong cut in development, construction, financing and operational costs. These combined cuts are enabling today to reach network parity in some markets. This means that the cost of producing solar energy is even lower than the cost of generating conventional energy from sources such as gas, fuel oil, coal or nuclear.

These sharp cuts are being the catalyst of previously unthinkable new projects.


SOLARIA focuses on minimizing its cost structure, optimizing its assets financing costs, reducing recourse debt to the very minimum and increasing the size of its generation portfolio. SOLARIA is committed to sustainable, visible and profitable growth. Creating value to our shareholders is our main axiom.

SOLARIA is the parent company of several independent vehicle companies. Each vehicle company operates in turn and independently a solar plant with its own income, expenses and financial debt.

A solid asset in behind each vehicle company. These vehicle companies generate visible and recurring dividends for SOLARIA.

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The Company's shares are listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges and are incorporated into the Stock Market Interconnection System. All shares are fully subscribed and paid up and grant their holders the same rights.



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SOLARIA manages and operates photovoltaic plants with a total generation capacity of more than 410 MW.



SOLARIA has a pipeline of more than 10,000 MW of potentially developable projects distributed in Iberia.