Ethics and Compliance

Compliance Channel


Solaria has established a communication channel, COMPLIANCE CHANNEL, to which employees and third parties can address.

Through the COMPLIANCE CHANNEL, anyone who knows or suspects a breach of the rules, corporate policies or internal procedures of Solaria, of the law or any other type of breach or unethical behaviour will be obliged to inform the Company. Anonymous complaints will be taken into account, provided that the absence of bad faith is accredited. 

Likewise, the COMPLIANCE CHANNEL may be used to consult any doubt or communicate suggestions on Ethics, Compliance or ESG.

The Ethics, Compliance and ESG Committee is the body in charge of processing the communications and queries received through the channel. For this purpose, Solaria has an Internal Operating Regulation for the COMPLIANCE CHANNEL.

Solaria carries out communication and training actions so that all employees know about the existence of the channel and understand its functioning. Likewise, any person who is not an employee of Solaria but is interested in knowing more about the COMPLIANCE CHANNEL can request training.



Solaria guarantees the strictest confidentiality of the communication received, of the identity of the complainant and of those affected, as well as of the documentation provided, and this information will only be communicated when Solaria has the duty to inform an authority. 


Solaria guarantees the absence of retaliation to any person who makes a communication in good faith and the protection of the complainant against third parties, involved or not in the reported matter. 



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